The audit log logs events on STACKIT in accordance with GoBD. Audit logs are the key to answering the question: "Who did what, when and where?"

Up to now, the following services have made entries in the audit log:

  • Membership Service: Manage permissions assignments and changes
  • Resource service: creation and deletion of projects
  • Service Account Service: Management of service accounts

In the future, more STACKIT services will be available in the audit log. The audit log is enabled by default and cannot be disabled. The Audit Log is a free service from STACKIT. The audit log entries are stored in the background with Elasticsearch in a NoSQL database. Elasticsearch offers advanced full-text search for all types of data. Whether it's structured or unstructured text, numeric data, or geospatial data, Elasticsearch can efficiently store and index it for fast searching.

The STACKIT Services send a log entry to Elasticsearch asynchronously, which can result in a delay in displaying the entries.