STACKIT MariaDB service available  with an pubic IP address within the Cloud Foundry and outside, so they can be combined also with Kubernetes workloads or Virtual Machines. 


STACKIT MariaDB service is secured by ACLs and authentication on instance level. Each instance node of a service runs isolated on a dedicated virtual machine in our compute engine.


The service is offered in t-shirt sized following individual service plans. ​When you reach the limits of a plan, you can upgrade to the next bigger t-shirt size which includes more resources and support bigger workloads.

Service Dashboard

Service Dashboard is the GUI for management of MariaDB services i.e it gives you the option to manage your backups and restart or recreate the service.

Detailed documentation can be found here

Data Service Access

The data service access ensures the communication of the Portal to your booked services.

The MariaDB-Service can be booked inside the AppCloud using CLI or UI interfaces or from the outside over the STACKIT Portal App. Here you find the description how to order it via the STACKIT Portal App.

It is mandatory to know that the service is reachable over the Internet after the deployment. This can ban be limited by enabling a meaningful Access Control Lists known as ACLs.

Additional Options

Options for JSON:

FunctionJSON STRINGDocumentation Link
Add Graphite Endpoint
{ "graphite": [""], "metrics_prefix": "" }
Add Syslog Endpoint
{ "syslog": [""] }

Backup and Recovery

Our Backup Manager is configured to perform a full backup every 4 hours and keep backups for the last 14 days.
Of course, you can manually trigger additional backups from the service dashboard, where you can also select and restore an existing backup.


The Parachute is intended to ensure that MariaDB is stopped properly in the event of a disk filling up, in order to prevent data loss.
The Parachute monitors both the data and the system volume and as soon as the disk usage exceeds a configured threshold (80% by default), the Parachute stops the services.  

If the Parachute has been activated you have the following options: 
    - Upgrade to a bigger service plan
    - Split your workload across multiple instances 
    - Increase the Parachute threshold

The threshold can be changed using the cloud foundry CLI utilising the cf update-service command. To set the threshold to 90%:  

cf update-service <SERVICE_NAME> -c '{"max_disk_threshold": 90}'

It can take a couple of minutes until the instance restarts.

Connection limit

Maximum number of simultaneous client connections is set to 1500 for all service plans and can not be changed.
However, the memory (RAM) of the ordered MariaDB service plan is the key limitation here.
It is important to notice that the number of open connections influences on the usage of the remaining memory.

Corresponding parameter can also be retrieved by executing the following sql query:

SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'max_connect%';

Further information