Q: Error when using the Openstack CLI


  • e.g. ports cannot be created or
  • e.g. images can not be uploaded

Solution: Validate that the openstack client is used with at least version 4.0.0; Otherwise update the client.

Q: How do Infrastructure API and STACKIT Portal GUI differ?

The portal currently maintains its own database of infrastructure objects. This will be successively changed so that the dataset comes exclusively from OpenStack.

Until then, the recommendation is to simply separate portal and API projects and only use one path (portal or API) at a time. Otherwise, mutual interactions (e.g., API changes are overwritten by the portal or API changes cannot be (correctly) displayed in the portal or similar) are to be expected.

Unfortunately, the above-mentioned errors cannot be solved by the support either, a medium-term reconstruction of the portal is already being implemented.

However, it was important to us to be able to provide you as a customer with the option of using the infrastructure API as early and extensively as possible.


Q: If you have any open questions that are not answered in any of our docs?

Feel free to create a service request in the STACKIT Help Center.

Known Issues


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