STACKIT Kubernetes Engine (SKE) is a robust, scalable and managed Kubernetes service. SKE delivers CNCF-compliant Kubernetes clusters and makes it easy to deploy standard Kubernetes applications and containerized workloads. Customized Kubernetes clusters can be easily created as self-service via the STACKIT Cloud Portal.

Use Cases

  • Migrate existing applications to the cloud

    Quickly and easily containerize existing applications and run them on SKE in the European cloud without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

  • Operate cloud-native applications

    Create new cloud-native applications in the style of microservices and the Kubernetes ecosystem for service meshes, serverless applications, CI/CD pipelines and others.

  • Deploy stateful applications

    Manage stateful applications on SKE clusters thanks to persistent block storage.


  • Kubernetes clusters are created quickly and easily using the self-service user interface in the STACKIT Cloud Portal.

  • The control plan of the clusters is managed and highly available.

  • Auto-updates of Kubernetes and operating system versions keep clusters up to date.

  • Automatic repair functions detect and repair problems on the cluster.

  • Event-driven pod and node autoscaling elastically adjust clusters based on workload.

  • Clusters can be switched off temporarily if the application should only be accessible at certain times of the day.


  • SKE provides vanilla Kubernetes clusters and offers you the advantages of a container-based management environment.

  • Automatic repairs and updates significantly reduce your operational effort.

  • You save costs significantly by switching off non-productive clusters, as you only pay for what you actually use (pay-per-use).