STACKIT Object Storage is a flexible scalable cloud storage architecture that stores and manages data as objects.

An object typically consists of the data itself, metadata and a unique identifier. The object metadata can be custom defined and the identifier of the object is unique within a given namespace. This architecture makes it possible to store all files in a flat structure without hierarchy as data can be addressed through it´s unique identifier. That stands in contrast to other storage architectures like file based storage where data is organized in a hierarchical structure of folders and files and the metadata is fixed to a few values. This architecture makes the Object Storage extremely scalable and perfect to store big amount of unstructured data on it. Data on Object Storage can be accessed through HTTPS-based RESTful APIs known as  RESTful Web service.

Use cases

  • Short-term storage of even large amounts of data
  • Application integration of data storage
  • Use data from anywhere in the world (incl. corresponding safetyprecautions)


  • Creation of new containers for data storage at any time
  • Uncomplicated provision of data storage
  • Flexible storage and deletion of files in the storage environment