The STACKIT OpenSearch Service provides fully managed instances of OpenSearch. OpenSearch is a distributed RESTful search and analytics engine that covers a wide range of document and full-text search-based use cases. OpenSearch makes it possible to search, index, and analyze data of any type and amount. With OpenSearch, you can provision instances of various sizes and use them in applications. OpenSearch instances are deployed on dedicated virtual machines to ensure isolation and high performance. You can choose between replica plans that offers resilient operation with a low level of downtime for use in productive environments and single instances.

We do not recommend single instances for use in productive environments.

You can upgrade to larger instances if needed. For more information see Service Plans OpenSearch. Smoke tests, service guards, and automated backups via Backup Manager ensure the secure operation of OpenSearch2 as well as the stored data.

Key Features

  • Store, search, index, and analyze data of various natures by leveraging the OpenSearch engine
  • On-demand provisioning: Easy and fast provisioning of new service instances of different sizes
  • Service Instance Insulation: Deployment on dedicated virtual machines (Bad Neighborhood Protection)
  • Easy capacity upgrades via service plan upgrades
  • High availability: Possibility of using replicas for increased resilience and fail-safety
  • Logging and monitoring: Communication of logging and monitoring information to defined end points
  • Backup: Automatic creation and restoration of backups over a period of up to 14 days

More details are available in the vendor documentation.