What is STACKIT Portal?

The STACKIT Portal is a web application to control your customer account and your projects where you create and manage cloud ressources. It is the first place to go for anything you need within STACKIT and to manage everything you require within the STACKIT cloud.


  • Manage your customer account
  • Identity and Access management
  • Managment of ressource containers
  • Management of cloud ressources


  • No hurdles for the inexperienced
  • No preknowledge required
  • No memorizing of APIs
  • Great user experience
  • Easy and fast
  • Everything at one place

Use Cases

The STACKIT Portal is easy to use, especially when your are new to the cloud. With STACKIT Portal you control cloud ressources with mechanism all of us are familiar i.e. from using regular online shops.

Beside the STACKIT Portal there are other Interfaces to experience STACKIT such as the API, but with the Portal you have the easiest way to control all your ressources without deep technical knowledge.