The STACKIT Redis Service provides fully managed instances of the open source non-relational key value store Redis. Redis instances can be utilized as an (in-memory) database, cache and message broker. Supported data structures include strings, hashes, lists, sets, bitmaps, hyperlogs, geospatial indexes with radius queries and streams. With the Redis Service, it's possible to provision instances in multiple sizes and use them with your application. The Redis instances run on dedicated instances, to ensure isolation and high performance. You can choose between replica plans that offers resilient operation with a low level of downtime for use in productive environments and single instances.

We do not recommend single instances for use in productive environments.

You can upgrade to larger instances if needed. For more information see Service Plans for Redis. Smoke tests, service guards, and automated backups via Backup Manager ensure the secure operation of Redis as well as the stored data.

Key Features

  • On-Demand provisioning: simple and fast provisioning of new service instances of different sizes
  • Service instance isolation: provisioning on dedicated instances (bad neighborhood protection)
  • Easy upscaling with service plan upgrades
  • High availability: Clusters ensure  resilient operations with minimum downtimes
  • Logging and monitoring: transfer of logs and monitoring information to defined endpoints
  • Backup: automatic creation of backups and self-service restore from the dashboard

More details are available in the vendor documentation.