STACKIT resource management organizes resources into a hierarchical structure consisting of Organization and Projects. Organization and Projects are called Resource Containers.

  • The STACKIT Resource Manager helps you to keep an overview over all the Projects and Organization you belong to
  • Depending on your permissions you can perform various actions to organize your Organization or Projects probably
  • The Projects within the Resource Manager are the entry point to all STACKIT Cloud Services. Simply create a new Project within your Organization and start booking all the Cloud Services you need.
  • As an Organization admin you easily can search for any Project of your Organization and join it if necessary
  • As a Project admin you can use the Resource Manager to get to the Project details page and to adjust the Permission settings. So you always know who can access or adjust your Organization or Projects.
  • If you are Project admin, you can simply delete projects you no more need
  • If you no more need access to any of the Projects you have access to, you easily can leave this Project via the Resource Manager