View Current Backup Schedules

In the Backup Schedule page, you can view all currently created Backup Schedules. If there is no existing backup schedule, please check the steps below how to create it.

Create a Backup Schedule

If you haven't activated the default schedule after enabling the Server Backup Management Service or you need an additional custom schedule, you can create one by following the steps below:


Custom backup schedules can be created with specific start time and recurrence settings. You can create hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedules. Advanced schedules like every last weekday of the month are also possible.

Please note that if the previous backup is still running a new backup will not be triggered and the schedule will be skipped.

For further information about possible conflicts and solutions regarding our Server Backup Management Services, please check our monitoring documentation: Monitoring [Server Backup Management]


In this section you have to set:

  •  Backup Name - the name which will be visible in the Backup History page
  •  Retention period - the number of days for which you want to keep the backups created with this schedule 
  •  Volumes - volumes which should be backed up by the recurring schedule. When "Always all volumes" option is activated, and you attach or detach volumes to this server, they will be automatically included or excluded from the backed up volumes. If you want to backup specific volume (i.e. Root), you can deactivate the "Always all volumes" toggle and can select the volume/s which want to be backed up with this schedule.

Edit a Backup Schedule

In order to edit existing schedule, you have to click on it and use the fields on the right:

Disable a Backup Schedule

If you want to temporary disable backup schedule, you can do this from the context menu: