The Cloud Foundry is STACKITs Platform as a Service offer. With the Cloud Foundry you will be able to host your cloud ready applications on the STACKIT cloud in a few minutes, while the platform itself abstracts away most of the infrastructure configuration you would need in a self-managed environment. 

The STACKIT Cloud Foundry is based on the open source opinionated cloud native platform with the same name, Cloud Foundry.  

Why should you consider using the STACKIT Cloud Foundry?

The mission for our Cloud Foundry is clear: 

The STACKIT Cloud Foundry Mission

We want to enable users to host their applications on our STACKIT Cloud - in under 5 Minutes.
For this our goal is to deliver a platform on our STACKIT Cloud that is so easy, comfortable and fast to use that 
anyone can host their applications on the cloud without loosing the focus on what matters for them: Their application.

So our goal is to abstract away complex infrastructure logic in a proven, opinionated way, so that you can focus on the development of your applications, instead of the configuration of your infrastructure. 

From the network configuration over the virtualization to the runtime - we want to find the best way on how to do things and then just do it for you. 

Platform as a Service 

Compared to other options the Platform as a Service approach relieves you of a lot of responsibility for components that are vital to your applications health but do rarely increase your businness value. 

Here you can see, that the STACKIT Cloud Foundry is managing all the infrastructure needs from Networking to the Runtime for you.

Cloud Foundry Requirements

The Cloud Foundry is a cloud native platform. This means, that it is designed to optimize the experience of cloud native workload. In order to be able to use the Cloud Foundry your Application does not have to be fully cloud native, but at least cloud ready. This means you have to follow a specific pattern in the design of your applications architecture like for example not relying on a local filesystem to store data, but have a dataservice bound to your applications. Or enabling the application to have multiple instances running in parallel. For more information you can checkout Cloud Foundry Requirements for Applications.

Cloud Foundrys Upsides

With the STACKIT Cloud Foundry you have:

  • A container runtime for Docker Images or just let your source code be containerized by the platform.
  • An easy to use deployment process - "cf push" is all you need to deploy your application
  • Automatic Routing - your app is directly available after the deployment in one of our platforms *.apps-wildcard domains.
  • Automatic scaling with high elasticity - Our shared resource know (nearly) no limits, so you can scale your applications to your liking.
  • An integrated Service Marketplace to easily create and bind service instances to your applications
  • And much more.


You can fast start your Cloud Foundry journey with the Quickstart Guide.

Navigating through our documentation is made easy with the documents being split into the following four areas.

Getting Started

Here you will find the first steps on how to get startet with our STACKIT Cloud Foundry.


The Cloud Foundry is a complex platform. These documents will help you understand its core concepts.


At some stage of your journey first steps will not be enough anymore. Here we show you how you can do other things.

Further Reading

Our documentation focuses on the basics, but the Cloud Foundry definitely can do even more. If you want to find out what exactly, these sources will help you.