Secrets Manager is a managed service that provides a secure key-value-store for sensitive data (such as passwords, configuration files and text). It enables the protection and management of secrets.

The API of the Secrets Manager enables easy integration into applications and workflows.

This makes it possible to separate source code and secrets, and compliance requirements can be implemented.

The Secrets Manager uses the open source project HashiCorp Vault. It also provides extensive integration into various tools such as Kubernetes Secrets Operator, Ansible and Terraform.

Use Cases

  • Single source of truth
    Store all your secrets like passwords, configuration files and text in one place

  • Secure storage
    Keep all your secrets safe and secure for your whole team and all of your applications

  • Enabler for automation
    Integrate your secrets via API into your applications and workflows


  • Storage of secrets in accordance with security requirements (e.g. separation of source code and secrets)

  • The customer can order a Secrets Manager quickly and easily via the self-service user interface in the STACKIT portal

  • Secrets can be managed via a user-friendly configuration interface and API

  • Traceability of changes through versioning of individual secrets
  • Preconfigured auto-update functions keep components up to date

  • High availability ensures the secure operation of the Secrets Manager


  • Store secrets like passwords, configuration files and text separated from your code

  • One place for all your secrets

  • Automation and integrations via API

  • Since it is a managed service, you save time and effort by letting us take care of updates, upgrades and backups.