This page describes our support offers and terms. 

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STACKIT Knowledge Base:
Documentation, Release Notes, Tutorials, FAQ's and Known Issues

STACKIT Knowledgebase

STACKIT Help Center:
Create Incidents or Service Requests to get in contact with our Support

STACKIT Help Center

STACKIT Statuspage:
Notifications about planned Maintanance or important Incidents

STACKIT Statuspage

Ways to get help for STACKIT products

If STACKIT products are not working as expected there are following ways to get help from STACKIT: 

Via the Statuspage

Here you can find all known Incidents and Maintenances published. You are also able to subscibe to all updates.

Via the Knowledgebase

In the Knowledgebase there are all products documentated. You will find there more informations about how to use our products and features and also some tutorials.

There is also a section for Release Notes that informs about our recently changes and a section for the FAQs & Known Issues.

Via the Help Center

If you need professional help from our support team you are able to use the Help Center to open a support ticket.

Here we provide three options:



Project specific Incident or Service RequestThis type is relevant if you already have an STACKIT project and you want to open a incident or service request for it
GenericProject independent Incident or Service RequestIf you do not have a STACKIT project or your issue does not belong to a defined STACKIT project then choose this type
Professional ServiceRequest cloud consulting

Definition Ticket Types


Reporting problems, bugs, and other glitches that affect your STACKIT products when they don't work as expected or need a solution, fix, or maintenance.

How to provide good Incident Ticket description? 

  • Describe the error or malfunction in the field Description
  • Name them the impact and urgency. Help us set the right priority for the incident.
  • Use the date/time input to tell us when the fault occurred
  • Add a screenshot or a document to illustrate your error

Service Request

A formal request from a user e.g. for information, advice, resetting a password or installations for a new user. All details of a service request are recorded by Request Fulfilment in a Service Request Record.

How to provide good Service Request description? 

  • Describe the concern in the field Description
  • Add a screenshot or a document to illustrate your issue

Description Professional Services

Our offerings range from consulting and support to individual all-round solutions.  We cover the entire lifecycle of an IT solution, helping you to solve any technical challenge.

Depending on your needs, we take care of analysis, planning, design, integration, deployment, operation and continuous optimization of your STACKIT-based environments.
Training and coaching of our customers complete our range of professional services.

Choose the right ticket type

QuestionAnswerTicket type

Do you get an error message?


Raise an Incident

Are the used functions no longer available?


Is a service / infrastructure no longer accessible?


Have you got a fault with a STACKIT product and need help?


Do you have any improvements or suggestions for our products?


Service Request

Do you want to make changes and need more information?


Do you need help with your account or project settings?


Do you need further consulting on STACKIT products?


Would you like to use the STACKIT Cloud for your infrastructure or business applications and need professional consulting?YesProfessional Service

Details regarding your support tickets

  • The comment function in your request can be used at any time to provide us with updates about your request.
  • Give us detailed information about your problem (project ID, component name, error message ... etc.), which will help us to get into the analysis faster.
  • The "Requests" button takes you to the overview of all requests.

Status and feedback notifications within your support tickets

  • We will inform you by e-mail when a request is being processed.
  • Sometimes we have further questions for the creator of the ticket. In this case we will send you an email and the request gets the status "waiting for customer".
  • If we have processed the request and provided a solution, please use the "approve" or "reject" function, otherwise the request will be closed automatically after 5 days.

Further information about Service Level 

SupportlevelStandardBusiness (coming soon)
Communication channels

Help Center


Availability of the fault indication


Reaction times*

Response times*

  • Incidents: < 4 hours
  • Service Requests: Best Effort

Resolution time**

Best Effort
Pricefree of charge

*"Response times":  Time period within the service time from the receipt of the notification from the customer by SIT, until the start of the processing of the notification by qualified personnel (visual inspection).

**“Resolution time“: Time period within the service time from receipt of the Customer's notification by SIT, by the end of which SIT must have restored the contractually owed availability of the STACKIT Cloud Service.

Sales contact

If you have some question before you buy our products or services, please, get in touch with us using our contact formular under