Argus is a managed service that provides a powerful observability-toolset. It can observe targets which are serving data in OpenTelemetry format. Telemetry data (metrics, logs and traces) can be pushed to Argus. It is also possible to scrape metrics.
All telemetry data can be visualized with different chart types in a customizable dashboard. 
Every dashboard and diagram widget is highly customizable. Further, the service provides an integrated alerting system that can notify groups of users on various communication channels when a certain threshold is reached.

The service is based on Open-Source tools that have established themselves as the de facto standard in observability. It includes:

Use Cases

  • Integrate simply
    Connect to a variety of targets using the OpenTelemetry standard.

  • Keep track of system landscapes
    Visualize and filter data of multiple systems and applications individually in one dashboard. Use folders and dashboards to structure metrics for different groups of people.

  • Alert individually at a certain threshold
    Be notified via multiple communication channels when a custom alert is triggered.


  • Argus Services are created quickly and simply using the self-service user interface in the STACKIT Cloud Portal.

  • Add your systems and applications for monitoring via a user-friendly configuration interface and API.

  • All dashboards are easy to create, use and highly customizable thanks to the industry-leading Grafana web application.

  • The components of the service are managed and highly available.

  • Auto-updates keep components up-to-date.


  • The monitoring stack of Argus is integrated and there is no need to configure the toolset; start using applications, connecting your systems, visualization of metrics, and creating alarms right away.

  • Store your metrics from your monitored system and application data for the long term (up to 26 months).

  • Store your logs and traces up to 30 days, for even deeper insights into your systems and applications.

  • React quickly on alarms due to multiple possible communication channels.

  • Since Argus is a managed service, you save time and effort by letting us take care of updates and upgrades of the integrated tools.