STACKIT DNS is a product to host your external DNS zones on globally distributed anycast servers while being integrating into the STACKIT Cloud ecosystem.

Use cases

  • Migration of existing DNS zones to STACKIT: Make your existing DNS zones highly available and globally accessible via STACKIT DNS. Integrations make DNS management automation easier.

  • Make existing DNS zones highly available via STACKIT DNS: As a secondary DNS server, STACKIT DNS can increase the availability of your DNS zone and reduce response times without the need for migration efforts.

  • "Plug n' Play" DNS for your cloud products: STACKIT DNS provides subdomains for a quick start without the complicated domain registration process.


  • Quickly and easily create DNS zones and resource records through the user interface in the STACKIT Cloud portal.

  • All GUI functions and more are also available through an API.

  • Transparent costs with tiered fixed prices per zone.

  • Automatic distribution of DNS zones to globally distributed DNS anycast nodes.